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Arika Kane The New Fresh Voice Of R&B

Arika Kane The Fresh Voice Of R&B

      The music industry has so many talented artists within it's extra large realm, but none like Ms. Arika KaneWith melodic tracks like "Waiting", "Bcuz I love You", and  "4 The Lovers" her music has that nostalgic 90's good r&b feel to it.  If you guys didn't know her song "Bcuz I love You" peaked at number thirty-nine on the US Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay chart. 

       The sophomore single, “4 the Lovers“ charted at number seven on the Single Sales chart, number nineteen on the R&B Airplay chart and at number eighty on Billboard Hot 100. “Here With Me,“ the third single, also charted at number four on the Single Sales chart, number fourteen on the R&B Airplay and number sixty-seven on the Hot 100. 

The song was placed on the first season of VH1's Love & Hip Hop and eventually became Kane's first platinum-selling single.  If you have not had the chance to hear Arika Kane sing please take a minute of your time and click on her official videos below, I guarantee you you will not regret it. R&b has not sounded this fresh, free spirited,  and good in a long time in my opinion.           (Arika Kane Wikipedia pg)

OK guys now that I have you given you a little bit of information on the platinum single having singer Arika Kane, and introduced you to some of her music. I'm going to tell you more information on her musical accomplishments.

Arika Kane Music From Then Until Now

Now for those of you who aren't familiar with Arika Kane I have to tell you not only is she two studio albums in career wise, but she has some of the most dedicated fans that I have come across. With multiple fan pages throughout twitter the amount of love she gets from her fans is both real and astounding. Arika's first studio album self titled "Arika Kane" was released in 2010 and it included all of the hits listed above.

This album really brought attention to her and it even landed six of her songs a spot on a group of nationally recognized television shows like;  Love & Hip Hop, What Chill Wants, Single Ladies, Disaster Date, and last but not least Vh1's Basketball Wives. (arika kane wikipedia pg.)

So tell me are you familiar with Arika Kane yet? Ok I guess I need to introduce her to you guys the readers a little bit more how about this way. How about in 2010 both Arika and her label were named artist and label of the year for 20 weeks straight by the UAC Media base Charts.    (arika kane wikipedia pg.)

Now lets jump to 2012 when Arika released her sophomore album titled "Substance" and can I say it was the very meaning of the title. This album reached number 7 on the and several songs from this album were placed on season two of VH-1's Single Ladies. Oh but it doesn't stop there her single "Make It" was chosen by VH-1 for the show Hollywood Exes. The spin off Atlanta Exes will also feature the song "Make It" as well. VH-1 literally loves the feel good music vibe and Arika Kane definitely had what they were looking for.

Did I mention that she also has single featuring the one and only Brian McKnight titiled "It's There" that she released in March of 2014? Guys she isn't just an artist making songs for her and her family and friends to listen to in the house or the car. She's a real artist constantly working and creating some of the most soulful music as of to date.

Arika Kane Interview
Now let's get to the juicy stuff, let's get to the interview I had the chance to do with Arika so you the readers can get to know her on more of a personal level.

1.) At what age did you decide that you wanted to make singing your career?

I started singing at 10 and after high school is when I decided to seriously pursue singing/music.

2.) What is the weirdest thing a fan has done to either meet or talk to you? 

two girls snuck backstage as part of the workers' at my show.

3.) Some artists want a Grammy, a multi-platinum selling award, or to become that famous artist what do you want to accomplish industry wise? 

I definitely am aiming for at least a handful of Grammy awards. Also my songwriting is important to me so I want to also write for other artists in the future, and I'm excited to produce as well.

4.) What separates your music from the music that is played and promoted today?

Substance ;-)

5.) Who are your top 5 fave artists to listen to in your down time?

Adele, Janelle Monae, Allen Stone, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson's entire library 

6.) What is your favorite song of all time and why is this song your favorite?

A masterpiece that was created in the late 50's "The Sound of Music" because the melodies & lyrics in this song were forever instilled in my heart since I was a child.

7.) What advice do you have to up and coming indie rnb artists trying to be heard?

Be as Independent as possible..know your advantages as an artist in every situation. Take advantage of the Internet & Social media to build your fan base internationally

8.) What is your favorite food or that guilty pleasure food that you shouldn't eat but you do anyway?

Chocolate is bliss ;-)

9.) Every woman has a favorite item whether it is a pair of shoes, a car, clothes, location to travel to so what is your favorite item? 

The beach is always my favorite accessory

10.) Is there anyone in the music industry producer, artist, band, label rep that you are dying to meet? And why? 

No one specifically. My journey is unique and I'm a free spirit when it comes to my artistry, therefore I am open and always excited to meet whoever happens to cross my path because it's always for a reason.

All I can say is that Arika Kane has converted me as a fan because not only is she making great music but she's genuine ,down to earth, and real with her fans. I respect that heavily in a business where sometimes some artists loose the ability to interact with their fans. If you want to know more about Arika Kane or just connect with her be sure to visit her website at: and follow her on twitter at:

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